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College Fraternities and Sororities: Ideas for a Successful Fundraiser

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Raising funds for any organization can be difficult.  That is why College Fraternities and Sororities should be interested in following these strategies and tips for running successful fundraisers to help reach their goals.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Greeks know how to put the fun in fundraising by coming up with creative ideas. Fundraisers do not always have to mean bake sales, car washes and raffle tickets. College Fraternities and Sororities can think of other activities like hosting a fundraising basketball game that pits professors against students for fun. They can then charge admission for those who want to see their professors go against fellow students in a friendly game.

A talent show can also be a very entertaining and worthwhile fundraising activity. Aside from unearthing possible hidden talents from members of participating College Fraternities, Sororities, and non-Greek organizations, this activity is also sure to draw in a lot of people. Friends, classmates and even relatives will usually come to watch people showcasing their talents, so an audience is almost always guaranteed. Other creative ideas include date auctions, breakfast fundraisers and bowling nights.


It’s important for College Fraternities and Sororities to advertise their fundraising events smartly to ensure participation in these activities. The more people come, the easier it will be for a fraternity to reach their monetary goal. Campus newsletters, flyers, bulletin boards, radio announcements, e-mails and even shirts with the fundraiser’s info written all over are great ways to publicize an event.

Member Participation

This is perhaps the most important thing of all when planning a successful fundraiser. It is essential that all the members of the College Fraternities and Sororities hosting the fundraising event understand and are committed to the goal of the event. It becomes easier to raise the amount the sorority needs when all of its members are doing their part and are working hard to attain their goal.

Community Participation

Several colleges allow non-students and non-faculty members to join in some school activities. It’s ideal for College Fraternities and Sororities to schedule their fundraisers during these times so that the local community can also take participate.

It is vital that College Fraternities and Sororities members have an annual plan and map out their goals for fundraising. It is also important that the fundraiser’s target audience understands and empathizes with the College Fraternities and Sororities’ goals so that they can easily contribute to the cause.

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