Quick and Easy Ways to Fundraise

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The best ideas for fundraisers are cost-effective, easy to set up, and fun. The local dollar store can be a great resource for balloons and other decorations. Using dollar store items creatively can make your event a big hit.

Kids of all ages will enjoy tossing darts at a few dollar store balloons tacked to a board as a game of skill. For a younger crowd, put a bunch of dollar store items in a brown paper lunch bag with a question mark. In one bag, place a high-value item that your audience covets and make it the Grand Prize. The suspense will keep the kids interested and you can raise some funds.

Everyone needs money and one way to generate it is to hand out applications for prepaid debit cards, which allows parents to give their children money without worrying about cash being stolen. Your fundraiser will receive a commission for each completed application. You can also ask for donations for your event. Restaurants, movie theaters, and retail stores will usually give away a few gift certificates for your cause if you ask.

If you have a service you can offer, or know someone who does, that service can be sold for your fundraiser. Computer literate individuals may offer computer tutoring or repair.  Those who excel in a given school subject could offer academic tutoring as well. Fundraisers traditionally made use of around the house items of value offered for purchase. Selling services is a modern interpretation of this, akin to baking a pie to be sold.

The easiest of our ideas for fundraisers are using an online partnership to raise funds. Many large retail websites will help you set up a webpage with items you specify, that others can purchase for your cause. You also can leave the purchasing open-ended, allowing people to purchase what they want.

Bingo is a great way to earn money while providing a fun night for all in attendance. In order to organize a fundraising Bingo night, attendants must be aware that all proceeds go towards the organization. Prizes for winning can be donated items or services so that all money raised during the evening will directly benefit your organization.

While a silent auction definitely requires some significant planning, it can be a surefire way to raise quite a bit of money for your organization. In order to effectively organize and hold a silent auction, there need to be quite a few high-end donated goods available for auction. In addition to higher-end items, you might have other services, products, baskets of goodies, etc. to auction off for people looking to help a good cause, but not spend an arm and a leg at a silent auction.

There are many online retailers that will donate a percentage of sales from your group back to your organization.  Do your best to make as many people possible aware of the opportunity to help your group by purchasing items or services that they would normally buy anyway!

There are many quick and easy ways for you to raise money for your group.  You just need to know what your audience wants!

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