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Fundraising for College Club Sports Teams

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Fundraising for College Club Sports Teams

Like many other university organizations, club sports teams are heavily affected by budgets and restrictions. One distinct advantage that a club sport team has as compared to youth travel teams is that many schools will match any funds that a particular club may raise. Club sports teams can also have a positive impact on the local community through fundraising activities. Working for donations shows the community a pride and passion for your sports club. There are many ways to raise money for a College Club Sports Team, from organizing an event to connecting with local businesses, reconnecting with alumni and even local press.

Organize an event

Hosting an event can be as simple as organizing a garage sale or bake sale, quiz or sports event.  The team’s spirit and enthusiasm will persuade people to contribute and participate.  Make sure that all the events you do set up are well attended by club members who are there to talk to visitors about the projects, ambitions, and goals of the club. Parents and citizens of the local community are much more likely to be buying or participating in your event if they can see the positive impact it has on your club. One idea for an event is a little tykes tournament for the sport of your club. For example, if you are a soccer team, advertise and organize a youth soccer tournament, distributing prizes to the winners. If parents see that your approach is well organized, enthusiastic, and fun. they will be more likely to give generously.

Links with local businesses

Discover the names of important people in local businesses and send them each an individual letter describing your sports club and specifically the reasons for your fundraising appeal.  Do not send letters to “Dear Sir or Madam,” for example, as it appears impersonal and it is unlikely to generate much if any success. Arrange a couple of members of your sports team to visit local businesses in person with leaflets, which should briefly but clearly state your fundraising goal. College sports clubs should also consider creating a sponsorship deal with companies, who will often be interested in advertising their business to the community while supporting a good cause.

Contact the local media

An indirect way of fundraising may be to get in touch with as many different local media sources as possible. For example, if you are hosting an event, then send a well-written local press release to newspapers, magazines, news websites, and radio and television stations to let them know all about your event – be sure to include all times and places so reporters will find your event. Local newspapers, in particular, are always ready to write, positive community-centric pieces about local sports clubs and fundraising. In addition, local media coverage will potentially inform tens of thousands of people about your attempts to raise money.

Contact Alumni

College alumni can be a great source of fundraising. Many former successes often receive many fundraising requests; make your advocacy stand out by writing a personalized letter. Take the time to discover the former “name and history in college – for example, if you’re raising money for a basketball team, try to find alumni who played in the same college basketball that you are in.” as much information as possible to keep the interest of the alumni. Are you fundraising for something in particular, such as equipment? If so, let them know. If a former student does give some money, make sure you send the person a personalized thank you letter and stay in touch with them

Whichever way you choose to raise funds, make sure to have fun, keep it easy, and make sure it’s profitable.  Your participation numbers and end of the day results will be that much better!

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