Animal Shelter Fundraising

Fundraising for Pet Shelters

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Fundraising for Pet Shelters

Fundraising for pet shelters is critical for their daily operation.  Funds are needed every day to support our four-legged friends who may be sick, mistreated, or just looking for homes. Local and national agencies, such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, rely on donations and fundraising to help animals within their shelters and to assist families who need additional help with vet bills and food.  Here are some creative ideas for pet shelter fundraising.

Sponsored Dog Walk

Organize a short course for the participants to walk with their dogs and ask each participant to donate a certain amount of money. Get in touch with local animal-related businesses, such as pet stores, groomers, and trainers, and ask if they would like to have a sponsorship position along the walk.  It’s a great advertising opportunity for them, as it’s their perfect target audience!! Ask the vendors for a donation of their services to use as prizes, then sell raffle tickets during the event. Be sure to give each participant a souvenir for their donation, which can serve as a memory of their participation.  It makes it easier to get them back the next time you have an event!

Pet carnivals

Launch a pet carnival and charge a small amount, for example, $5, for the entrance of the door. Solicit pet vendors to host a carnival booth that showcases their products or services…again, it’s money well spent for the vendor because they always want to be in front of their potential customers. Host competitions and contests involving pets and their owners to encourage participation.  Things like costumes contests, talent shows, dog/owner look-a-like contests and obstacle course races are all fun for pets and their owners.  Ask local media outlets to promote the event to help get the name of the shelter in the public eye.

Pet Fashion Show

Start an annual fashion show for the animals who are in the shelter as a way to get people to the shelter to view the animals. Promote the event heavily to help to increase their chances of finding a new home.  Ask your local pet store to donate some clothes and sponsor the event.  Charge a nominal amount for entry and include a basic lunch or dinner.  A local restaurant may even donate some food in exchange for publicity during the event.

Sponsored Dog Wash

Find some volunteers and offer a dog wash.  Buy some wading children’s pools to act as bathtubs, some dog shampoo, add a few hoses and you’re ready to go. Offer washes for $10 to $20, depending on the size of the dog.  Have a snack and drink stand to increase your profits.  Dog owners would love to relax with a snack and a drink, while the dog is being washed.

Fundraising Gala

Hold a semi-formal fundraising gala for current donors and potential donors. Provide a sit-down buffet and drinks. Ask local restaurants or banquet facilities to donate their facility for the event.  While you may not get it for free, many would be willing to help by offering a discount to you.  See if any local musicians would donate their time to entertain your crowd.  Donors would be happy to donate good money in exchange for a nice evening of food, drink and entertainment.  Add to your profits by holding a 50/50 raffle, basket auctions.  High-end events can also have a live auction for big-ticket items.

Passive Fundraising

Mobile fundraising platforms like SimpleFund, offer an easy way for anyone in the community to support their local pet shelter. Platforms like SimpleFund turn idle smartphone time into money for your organization.

Successful fundraising is not always derived from large group activities or events. Shelters can make a difference every day by offering many simple fundraising activities throughout the year.