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Fundraising Ideas for Soccer Teams

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Fundraising Ideas for Soccer Teams

Let it be said, the sale of chocolate, although it is a traditional team fundraising method, is growing old! Why not be creative and opt for something new? Your players will probably be much more motivated to raise money for their team if you vary the ways to go about it. Since funding is an integral part of sports team management, we thought you might need some original ideas for the current season. Here are a few that could inspire you.

Friendly Games

If you can get access to some sports facilities over the course of an afternoon, combine business with pleasure and organize friendly games of soccer, kickball or softball. Ask each participant to make a donation for playing.  Offer some funny prizes for the winner and mix in a 50/50 raffle and a basket auction to generate additional funds.  Not only will you have fun, but you will end up with a nice sum of money!

Useful Objects

Sell something that people might actually like!  Too many times, we see teams selling things that people do not want, but they buy anyway just to support your team.  Imagine how much you would sell if you offered something that people actually want? Offer practical products (cleaning services, travel items, kitchen gadgets, home improvement products, etc.) that everyone would find useful. Why not take the opportunity to stock up on useful items instead of buying treats?

Biscuits, cupcakes and other home-made delights

If you’re set on selling edible products, homemade items can be a great alternative to the ever boring chocolate bars. Host a booth at your sporting events and ask your families to make something homemade, which you can sell during the games. Why not enhance the offering by offering healthy snack foods made with love to athletes and an audience who may be concerned about their diet? Fruit, homemade granola bars, yogurt. Be unique!

Treasure hunts

Organize treasure hunts in a park and ask for a donation in exchange for participation. Form teams, hide clues or surprises, and award prizes to winners. Guaranteed to be a good time!

Collection of cans and other recyclable containers

It’s well known; people hate having to bring their cans and bottles back to the grocery store. Do it for them and your team gets the funds. This method has proven itself in scouts, so do a service to people in your neighborhood while generating money for your team.

Garage sale or flea market

We all have a house full of items that are useless and that we dream of getting rid of…your trash is someone’s treasure. Ask your players and their parents to provide some of these items and arrange a garage sale. This will fill your team’s bank account while emptying your attic or garage of all your junk.

Mobile and Web Crowdfunding

If the suggestions above don’t have you completely inspired, you may want to delve into the world of mobile and web crowdfunding. Sites like GoFundMe will allow you to post a page about your fundraiser, just share the page with friends and ask for donations. You can also do something similar on Facebook. Just look on the left side to “start a fundraiser”. Lastly, if you don’t want to ask people for money try SimpleFund. SimpleFund rewards users for doing things like reading articles, watching videos and taking surveys. It all adds up to easy money for your team!

There are many other ways to fund your sports team too! Get creative and have fun! These activities not only benefit the financial health of your team but also help to strengthen the bonds between players, which can be reflected on the field. Go for it!

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