Ideas to Get More Donations for Your Organization

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In any economic climate, raising funds for your organization can be a difficult task. Charities and other organizations that depend on donations for their activities can find it particularly hard to raise money year after year.

It is a constant struggle for such organizations to stay afloat and keep the donations flowing. Fundraising events are one such way of getting money without working hard and at a low cost. The fundraiser can be beneficial by raising money, creating awareness for your charity, and you might even have some fun while running the event. Fundraising events (like golf tournaments) require quite a bit of planning and several up-front costs.

Stay away from the traditional kinds of fundraiser events that no one likes (hint: if you don’t like it, others will not either) – instead, try something new and exciting that will capture people’s attention. The more interesting the fundraising event, the higher the attendance rate, making the event a success. Sports tournaments are a favorite of many, but there are many other great ideas for fundraisers such as culture fares, music contests, and carnivals.

Such events get a wide variety of people involved, resulting in the success of the event. Nothing attracts people more people than celebrity appearances, so if you can get a sports or music celeb from your area, this will boost attendance. Try to think of someone locally who can really make a splash in your community as a recognizable figure.

If you are fundraising for a cause such as an orphanage, nursing home or to raise awareness about a certain disease, the best event for such a fundraiser would be a walking or dance marathon. Each participant can pay to enter and if you throw in a few celebs as participants this will attract more spectators (who will donate!) and add to the success of the event.

A more traditional but very effective way of fundraising is to hold a sale – this is mostly used by youth sports organizations, charities, etc. Items for sale can be very simple ranging from lemonade, candy, clothes, food hampers, and books.

In times of disaster, such as floods or earthquakes, you can get more donations by holding art exhibitions, musical, and theater events. These are very good, as they help traumatized people get their minds off their problems. They can focus on things in life that perhaps are fun and bring a smile to their face at the same time. Just thinking about the disasters all the time will do nothing but keep their spirits low.

Another effective method to get more donations for your organization is seeking sponsorship from big companies. Many cooperation’s and local firms are willing to sponsor sports tournaments for a good cause. The firms benefit by getting free advertisement and the ability to sell their products at the events.

Raising more donations for any organization is never-ending. Make an effort to introduce new events from time to time. This will make it more exciting for you as well as allow your patrons to support you will new items that they may not be able to get elsewhere.

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