Why This Company Is Changing the Face of Traditional Fundraising

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Imagine you are nominated fundraising chairperson of your son’s elementary school PTA and they expect you to come up with several fundraising events and activities over the course of the school year. So you look to see what the school has done in the past and you also Google some ideas. Cookie bake sale, candy bar sale, gift basket auction, T-shirt sales, coupon books, walk-a-thon, car wash, sell school calendars, cut and paste cereal box tops and there are many more. There are two things you quickly notice – most of these cost money to begin or take hours of time to organize and attend.

This is very similar to what happened to the founders of the innovative fundraising mobile app – SimpleFund. Working in the digital advertising landscape (also known as Ad-Tech) for the past 15 years, they quickly realized that advertisers, large and small, will always pay to have consumers interact with their brand. So, they created a platform which does just that called SimpleFund.

Each and every day we see people, young and old, staring at their smartphones. Now, with SimpleFund, they can use their smartphone to raise money for any non-profit organization simply by installing and using the SimpleFund app. Advertisers promote products, goods and services in the form of articles, videos, paid surveys, mobile games and more within the app. Users of the app engage in this variety of activities and raise money for their non-profit at the same time. One feature even allows them to raise funds just by walking into any of over 300 national retail stores including Walmart, Target and Rite Aid. It is a simple, yet effective concept.

Here are some recent success stories of specific non-profits who have benefitted from SimpleFund:

  • The Ball State University Dance Marathon group raised over $4,100 for the Riley Hospital for Children
  • The Lightening Cheerleading team raised over $3,500 for equipment, travel and uniforms
  • The AZ Dynasty Gymnastics Booster club raised over $1,900 for equipment and goods
  • SOS Pets of Ouachita raised over $1,600 for a new shelter
  • Ohio Rebels Fastpitch Softball raised over $1,200 for gear and travel

“SimpleFund is the most effective way we have found to raise money for our Sorority ” Melissa Rosas, Pi Lambda Chi

There are hundreds of success stories for the SimpleFund app and it grows literally every single day.

The company makes money by taking a portion of the ad spend prior to paying out non-profits. As the app grows, so does the potential to make money for both the company and any non-profit group.

“The big difference with SimpleFund is that it flips the equation around fundraising and puts the power to raise money directly in the hands of the person who needs to raise money. And, no one has to buy anything, sell anything or ask anyone for money.” says Jon Carmen – CEO of SimpleFund whose 5 year outlook is to have over 4 million users and company revenue of over $50 million.

“SimpleFund is an incredibly easy way to raise money for your nonprofit organization without asking for donations. Just get your friends & their friends to download the app, and start watching the money roll in! All they have to do is read articles, watch videos and visit national retailers, Cha-Ching!” Joan Hampton – SOS Pets

“Our campus reacted so well to SimpleFund! Ball State University Dance Marathon (BSUDM) dancers and committee members, all utilized SimpleFund to their advantage and have been really excited by the amount were able to raise for Riley Hospital for Children!” Cassi Quissell, BSUDM Corporate Relations